About Us

About Pinkers Craft Brewery

We are a small batch micro brewery based in Weston-super-Mare in the South West of England. We launched our business in 2020, days before the first Covid lockdown when all bars and hospitality had to shut their doors. This lead to us having to radically re-think our business model very quickly, and instead of launching our range in local pubs we to sold directly to the public offering local deliveries to bring the pub to our customers instead!

We were well supported by local customers, and still are to this day . In addition to our popular home delivery business, we are available in keg, cask and can in pubs, cafes, restaurants and performance venues in Weston and North Somerset. We continue to develop new beers using the best ingredients possible, never using artificial flavours or compromising on quality.

In June 2023 three of our beers won Gold in the prestigious Taste of the West awards.

Head brewer and owner Scott is committed to reducing the brewery’s impact on the environment and as such all of the brewery’s electricity is carbon offset, and they continue to reduce their impact on the environment by changing from bottles to cans that are 100% recyclable.

“All of our can labels are easily removable and can go into your plastic recycling, along with our boxes and paper eco tape that is also recyclable at home. None of the spent barley, grain or oats from the brewing process is wasted as it is used for animal feed on a local small holding or made into compost for our garden”

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